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Only a few icons of the southwest are as inseparable from Western culture as the horse saddle. The image of the cowboy rolling his blanket and tightening the straps on his saddle were instant cues in western movies that a journey was beginning, the doing was about to be done. That distinct “u” shape with its high pommel and stirrups has evolved over centuries to make a man and horse into a hybrid creature that tamed lands, waged war, and created a uniquely American identity. The Spanish colonials brought horses and saddles to the Southwest. Their design evolved into two styles with a California style of highly decorated and stylized saddles and the Texas/New Mexico style of unadorned working saddles. It is that simpler style that inspires our Saddle line with that high pommel and long strands that suggest the classic stirrups.


MEASURES 3.5” length, 3.25" width, 1.5” depth, 22” leather cord, adjustable by copper sliding tube, copper ends.

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