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For your Lips

For your Lips

Have you ever read the label on lip balms? There are some nasty things in them. Stuff we did not at all want on our lips, and stuff we did not want to be making out with for sure!

So once again we took to looking around and figuring out whats the best way to make good stuff for our faces. We read a bunch, yes in real books. We messed around with different mixes of natural ingredients and found that simple is best.

So we blended together beeswax, olive oil and found the right mix that was not too stiff and would not melt in your pocket. We discovered that sage had some outstanding natural properties that our bodies really like so we those some in there, oh and it has a great taste to it. We then got down to throwing in some natural vanilla to work off the sage and the honey. It really is pretty tasty, but not like those fake ass fruity junk balms out there.

So check it out, and we promise it does not suck.
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